Third round of licensing for DAB rollout announced

December 16, 2022
Wayne Carter
The third round of licensing for Ofcom’s small-scale DAB rollout continues to grow, with five more licences awarded

Milton Keynes, Rutland & Stamford, Swindon & Marlborough, Wetherby & Harrogate and Yorkshire Coast are the latest areas to gain awards with various groups expected to begin transmitting within the next 18 months.

So what made their application attractive?

MILTON KEYNES: “decision makers considered that the technical plan was robust, with relatively modest mitigation required, and the applicant’s financial plans and experience of key individuals also provided confidence in relation to ability to launch the service.”

RUTLAND & STAMFORD: 'evidence was provided that costs of establishment would be relatively low. The applicant also had the assistance of an experienced transmission partner and appeared to be in a good position regarding site access.'

SWINDON & MARLBOROUGH: “Decision makers noted that Swindon 105.5 was a well-established existing analogue service, providing significant confidence that the service would be available on the multiplex at launch.”

WETHERBY & HARROGATE: A healthy level of demand in the context of the locality has been cited for the area - with evidence in the form of signed heads in relation to two prospective C-DSP services and 12 other DSP services.

YORKSHIRE COAST: 'Decision makers considered there was a good prospect of ECDR being able to establish the service with the predicted level of coverage within the 18 month period.'

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