The Student Radio Awards 2022

December 18, 2022
Wayne Carter
The Student Radio Awards at London's O2 Indigo is a highlight for radio-making students everywhere.

There are several student radio stations at UK universities which are also community radio stations. The Student Radio Awards are open to members of the SRA (Student Radio Association). The glitzy awards ceremony last month at London's O2 Indigo is a highlight for radio-making students everywhere.

Congratulations to Radio LaB who took home the silver for 'BEST CHART SHOW PROGRAMMING' 2022. Terry Lee Senior Tutor in Radio & Audio at the University of Bedfordshire says 'A silver award is fantastic recognition for the hard work our student volunteers put in last year - a great achievement! Everyone who attended the ceremony had a fantastic time too'

CMA Members Spark FM also went home with a slew of awards including:  

Best Newcomer: Grace Daily Bobbi Bunker

Best Event Programming: Sunderland City Runs

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: It's OK to be ACE

Best Specialist Music Programming: New to Spark with Tyler Selby

Best Speech Programming: GRL

Best Presenter: Chrissy Cameron Lewis Smith

and Best Student Radio Station: SPARK

Dr Caroline Mitchell, Professor of Radio and Participation at the University of Sunderland, said

“I’m thrilled for everyone involved in Spark – the awards are a testament to years of developing the station as a space for training, learning and creativity.

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