Letter to candidates standing in the General Election 2024

June 18, 2024
Jason Rosam
Ask your local parliamentary candidates to support Community Radio ahead of the General Election!

The General Election is a massive opportunity to shape what the next UK Government does for Community Radio operators, staff, volunteers and audiences over the next 5 years.

We need your help in constituencies across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to reach out to and influence as many local candidates and parties as we can.

We’ve created this letter written by CMA chair Terry Lee outlining how candidates should consider the following actions to support and utilise community media projects:

- Increased Investment: Allocating funds to ensure the sustainability and growth of community radio stations.

- Policy Support: Implementing policies that facilitate easier access to resources and broadcasting licenses for community radio stations.

- Partnership Opportunities: Collaborating with the CMA to utilize community radio for public service campaigns, educational programs, and other government initiatives.

With a General Election taking place on Thursday 4th July, it's essential everyone standing for Parliament understands the significant challenges not for profit community media projects are facing.

Please write to your local candidates today and ask that they prioritise the needs of Community Radio  if they are successful in being elected as your next Member of Parliament.

You can download the letter here. CMA members should have the letter emailed to them. Please let the CMA office know if you have any issues. office@communitymedia.uk

There is also a follow up letter to download if the candidates make contact.

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Follow up letter to candidates

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Letter to candidates standing in the General Election 2024

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