Exciting announcement to celebrate Broadcast Radio's 25th birthday

December 18, 2022
Wayne Carter
Myriad 6 will be available in the first part of 2023 as a free upgrade for all Myriad 5 customers.

The sixth generation system builds on the success of Myriad 5 and lays the groundwork for their vision for the platform for the next few years.

Whilst they are not yet ready to share everything that Myriad 6 will offer, they are announcing the following new features that will be included:

  • Native OPUS audio format support for media content.
  • External stream Media Item for including streams in playout.
  • Non-destructive ingest (trim and normalization applied at play time).
  • Cloud Backup - Automated backup of audio & metadata to Dropbox or One Drive.
  • Cloud Sync - Automated bi-directional audio & metadata synchronization between one or more sites or Myriad 6 systems.
  • Optional native stream encoding for web radio.
  • Dark mode.

Myriad 6 will be opened for beta testing in early 2023 with a target full release date of March 2023.

For more details visit www.broadcastradio.com/myriad6

In addition to this alongside Myriad 6 they will be launching their new Myriad Cloud platform.
Whilst they have offered cloud radio for a while, this new technology runs natively on Microsoft Azure offering all Myriad Playout and Myriad Scheduling features hosted directly in the cloud with no VM’s or virtual audio required. This gives Myriad Cloud enterprise level resilience and scalability along with tighter integration with our complementary services such as web, apps and streaming.

This platform will enable stations to launch more brands, reduce infrastructure, plan for disasters, and save energy by switching off systems that are not needed for live shows!

To achieve this, they have created several new technologies including a cloud native audio engine, headless playout and of course a complete web interface to control all aspects of Myriad Cloud. Cloud Radio will allow both voice tracked and live shows using just a web browser!

For more details visit  www.broadcastradio.com/myriad-cloud

These two technologies can be combined to provide a new Hybrid model for radio stations that want to blend traditional studio based shows with cloud based playout. Their new Cloud Sync technology will ensure content will be available at all locations and provide a smooth transition between local and cloud playout.

Learn more about their Cloud Platform by visiting www.broadcastradio.com/cloudradio

To celebrate the milestone the team have announced some exciting developments they've been working on for some time.

Two new CMA Council members elected at our AGM

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Poole, Dorset announced as location for Community Media Festival 2024

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AGM and Networking event at BBC Yorkshire, Leeds

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Community Radio symposium to be held at DCMS London office on 26th March

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